My Story. My Truth.

I wanted to feel different about my life. I wanted to feel excited & inspired & empowered to authentically show up in the world, everyday. So I disassembled what I knew to be true & rebuilt my foundation from the ground up with relentless honesty. And now I design adventures that help uninspired women find the clarity, confidence & empowerment to get unstuck & live the lives they deeply desire.

Solo travel transformed my life by bringing me face to face with the powerful woman I could be…once I stepped out of my comfort zone & let go of the labels that were holding me back. And now I help personal development-minded women—professionals who feel stuck & want more—experience the same transformation in their own lives through the power of soulful, culturally-immersive, international retreats.

I booked the retreat because I felt lost. I was bored at work, bored at home & looking for a chance to get away. I needed to change my scenery & change the programming in my head! I loved the heart-to-heart conversat.png