Good news, peeps. I stopped by this place yesterday. Unannounced and without an appointment.

But of course that wasn't a problem for these Genius'. Those folks got me a walk-up appointment in about 20 minutes, and I met with Chris. I wish I would've taken a photo of him. I relayed the issue to him and he confirmed that my hard drive was dead in about 3 minutes. He told me my Baby was no longer under warranty, but after popping the battery out, he informed me that because I had on the hottest boots he'd seen all week, he would replace my hard drive at NO COST!!!!!! Okay . . . so maybe it wasn't because of the boots (well I actually believe it was and it just would've been inappropriate to say so) but because there was some "recall" (or something like that) on the hard drive that I had. Chris said the replacement would be on them. You don't know how happy I was to hear those words--saved me $1600!!!! He also informed me that they would install all original programs on my computer, but "unfortunately" they would have to DOUBLE MY MEMORY, since that's all they had. Awwww, boo hoo for me. :) They actually had the drive in stock, and replaced it in about 2 hours! I am LOVIN' this day!!!!!! It's like I basically have a new computer, and all I have to do is buy the iLife '09 /Snow Leopard package for $129 and I'll have all the latest stuff. I didn't even have that before my computer went down. I could actually buy the latest operating system (Snow Leopard) for $29, but I really want the new stuff for my photos, so I'll wait. I'm still able to do everything as before, but there've (made that word up) just been some changes since new applications/systems have come out. This is what I'm lookin' at now . . .
Never been so happy to see that plain blue screen. This is the reason people get Macs. They are admittedly expensive, but the customer service, one-on-one attention and live help can't be beat! The store manager even came out to see my boots, I mean, to see if I was happy with my experience . Uh, . . . hells yeah! I was so happy that I went out and bought this beaut (pronounced, "bee-yoot")!
Now ain't that a fine piece of somethin'? $20. Can't wait to get it done, and I have some pep in my step now, too. I've been seeing some interesting pieces with color, so I think I'm going to go that direction. Things are lookin' up, I tell 'ya. God is good!!!!! We should be back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

How Sad Are You For Me???

The unthinkable and unimaginable has happened. My sweet, wonderful, beloved Mac has . . . . (dare I utter the words) died and gone to the sweet hereafter. ("Baby, do you hear me??? C'mon home to momma . . .")

Upon embarking on a little evening blog-surfing over the weekend, I encountered a strange white screen. After a few minutes a folder came up with a question mark inside, and then it started flashing. I was able to use another computer (not mine) to google "white screen on a mac", and stuff started coming up like "White Screen of Death, Macbook." Uh, that is DEFINITELY NOT a good sign. I wanted to scream and jump up and down like this fellow.
Anne Anderson's Rumpelstiltskin Illustration
photo from Anne Anderson's Old, Old Fairytales

Rumplestiltskin is his name (I loved that story). Anyhow, after further reading I found out that the hard drive has most likely died. Now what makes this story even more "exciting" is that I had over 1,400 photos in iPhoto. Just in case you didn't get it the first time, that's one thousand and four hundred. Arrrrrrhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! My PC crashed 2 years ago right after my father passed away and by the grace of God, Best Buy was able to salvage some, but not all, of my photos. It took a long time to get the stuff, and by the time they recovered it, I was just happy to have some photos instead of none. So I bought an external drive and ended up rarely using it--because Mac's don't ever have problems, right? Luckily I got bored a few months ago and attempted to back up my hard drive. I never checked to see if it everything transferred, but I definitely have the most important photos, which are those of my father and our last Christmas together in 2006.

So what this means is that not only am I majorly crippled without a computer, I've also lost practically everything!!! I have no photos of the way my house looked before I moved in (I do have ones of my bathrooms, though. Thank God I at least posted my kitchen already!), and none of all of the work in progress. Vacation photos? Gone. 10 year high school reunion photos? Gone. College Graduation? Gone. I lost all of my latest random projects (photo frames, furniture, etc.), and the blogging stuff I hadn't posted about yet! I even lost all of my bookmarks I had saved (easily over 200)--my favorite sites, places I wanted to visit, and interesting tidbits of information!!!!! I'm sure there's stuff I'm missing, but this is all I can think of right now. Awwwwwww!!!!!!! I wish I would've just loaded all of the photos into Blogger and used them as needed, but of course I didn't have that forethought. So I'll be working hard on my posts, and trying to search through my external drive to find some of my other stuff. Please take this a reminder to BACK YOUR FILES UP!!!!! Through Googling, I found out that Mac has something called a "time machine" where you can back your computer up, and if it ever goes out, after you do a system restore you can load the "time machine" and put your computer back just like it was the last time you were on it--home page and everything. A lotta good it does me now, but I won't be selfish and hog the info. For all of you bloggers & blog-readers, there's still time. If you don't have an external drive, you can also do an online backup with a company like Mozy for as little as $4.95/month. If you're like me and your photos are the most important things to you, please do this now. You never think it'll happen to you until it does. Cry, cry, tear, tear. I told Beth that I wanted to pull all of my hair out, but I thought twice because then I'd be depressed because I'd be ugly, and being depressed around the holidays is a recipe for disaster (worse than not backing up). So while I do have my hair (which looked quite good in some of those photos), I've lost mementos of many important events in my life over the last several years. :( So I ask again . . . how sad are you for me???