Last week I decided to pair this Cole & Son wallpaper with a recently purchased vintage sputnik chandelier to give my entryway a much needed pop. I was excited and totally jumping in with both feet...then Meredith Heron's entryway caught my eye (in this HGTV Canada article) and I couldn't decide which I loved more. 
So I think I'd like your opinion. Wanna weigh in??




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According to the law of Dharma, you have a unique talent and unique way of expressing it. There is something that you can do better than anyone else in the whole world--and for every unique expression of that talent, there are also unique needs. When these needs are matched with the creative expression of your talent, that is the spark that creates affluence. Expressing your talents to fulfill needs created unlimited wealth and abundance.
                                                                                                           Deepak Chopra

It's Finally Here, the Entry Reveal!

I hope I didn't build you up, just to let you down! Here are the before's . . .
I wish I would've taken more (and better) photos before any work began! That's definitely a lesson that I'll take with me to my next home--you never know how things will change, and what angles you'll want to catch later, so photograph, photograph, photograph!!! Better to have too many than too few, right?
My house has a few challenges, most of them being storage-related, and the entry is one of those areas. Unfortunately my home doesn't have a coat closet, and it's something that didn't even cross my mind until long after I moved in! The white chaise in my living room became the default closet and it's starting to show some wear because of it. After putting the photos up, it finally occurred to me to add some hooks to the entry so my stuff wouldn't be thrown all over the bannister (and the chaise) right when I walk in the door.
I also decided to add a basket underneath the console table to hold paper recyclables and help with keeping the area neat. My mail gets ridiculous, and I get so many magazines that I don't read (my attempt at broadening my horizons) that the area gets cluttered very quickly. In the last few days, this simple basket has helped immensely. Add a cute bowl for keys & change, and I'm good to go! (there's also some more of those free trimmings. love them!)
Now I'm all organized when I walk in the front door, and now my first real organizational "makeover" is done (is any project ever really done????). When I first moved in I struggled with what to use for the sidelites, because I wanted to let light in and be able to see out without people being able to see directly in. I ended up using a bamboo table runner attached to"c" hooks (is that what they're called?) screwed in above the frame. I love the way it looks, and it gives me light and visibility, but with privacy--perfect! Just pay no attention to the fact that one is just a smidge shorter than the other. It's just a smidge!
Now that I'm done I've been thinking about doing something bold to the entry (wallpaper? stenciling?), but I guess I should just enjoy this for now. It's so great to finally be organized, even if it's only in the entry! Thanks for being so patient, and I hope you love it like I do. :)

Fabulous Foyers!

So today was supposed to be my big reveal, but the weather was absolutely awful here, so the pictures look like crap. Especially since I'm this wonderful photographer, I wouldn't want you seeing less than quality work (just kidding--I think it's been clearly documented that I'm not the greatest photographer!!). So I found some foyers that were picture ready and decided to share to ensure that you'll be in entryway mode for tomorrow! Take a look . . .

Beautiful dresser, mirror, and chair. I can't wait until I find a piece like this somewhere around this town, but it will have to be for the low-low, because then I might not love it as much!!!

Love these colors!

Lovin' those beautiful mirrors and that stunning floor!!

The paper sets this off! I am really starting to feel a warm place in my heart for brown and orange. Not quite sure I would do it in my bedroom yet, but I definitely like the energy the orange brings.

I just realized that I have probably done myself a great disservice in posting these photos!! My entry doesn't look quite like this, but it is so much more functional now, and I'm wondering why I didn't do it sooner--I LOVE it (so far)! Thanks for being patient--I promise the photos will be up tomorrow!

Have a wonderful day!

All photos are courtesy of House Beautiful.