Reupholstery projects don't always have to be super complicated to be impactful--a simple redesign to upholstered seat cushions can totally update their look AND save your wallet. 
Remember these chairs I found a few weeks ago in the UMCH flea market  and snagged to use in my Room Service Atlanta boy's room?  I had my upholsterer mimic the same pattern I used on a pair of the bed pillows & the finished product makes my heart skip a beat. This is like, the easiest way to create visual interest using solid fabrics because the bold center stripe elevates the whole look. 
Oh, and remember, box cushions are your friends (box cushions= cushions with vertical panels along the sides resulting in more tailored look & comfortable seat). I know the other way is easier to fabricate, especially for a DIY-er, but box cushions have a structured finish that automatically looks more tailored. Anytime you're swapping out the seats on chairs (and it makes sense aesthetically), always splurge for box cushions. 
Trust me, you'll thank me for this piece of advice!


Listen to  me--when I tell you this party was SO much fun, I tell you no lie.
Each year our wrap party gets bigger and better, and what I love so much about these pics is that Katlyne Hill--the photographer who so graciously donated her services to cover our event--did an EXCELLENT job at capturing the energy and feel that was alive in the showroom last Thursday (and THIS is why professional photography is so important!!). Everyone truly had a blast...and I think it shows.
As always, I can't sing the praises of our Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams partners enough. Ben Collins, Jonathan White & Brian Waidelich continually support us, push and encourage us to do more and more each year and we wouldn't be all that we are today without their support. They got behind us when all we had was a dream for RSA--but nothing tangible to show for it--and haven't looked back! This year MGBW Atlanta donated over $30,000 worth of furniture & lighting to our project at UMCH (and I mean the good stuff, y'all) and it made all the difference. From sofas to dining tables, nightstands, lighting, console tables, dressers, almost every designer's room featured something from the MGBW stash...and for that, Erika & I are eternally grateful.
So without further adieu, here are some pics from our sure to visit the MGBW Facebook page to see more and please join us at UMCH this Saturday, June 15th from 12-3pm for an Open House to see all of the incredible transformations & meet our talented designers. 
My girlfriend this girl!!
Erika & I with RSA Participating Designers Kandrac & Kole, Lori Mary & Rhoda Vickers
Part of the MGBW Atlanta team
Hands down, The Varsity was a hit!!

These 3 ALWAYS come out to support my events. Met them years ago while taking design classes and we're still as close as we were then! 
 The Kandrac & Kole team
Erika and I...we finally slowed down enough to get some pics together this time!

MJ, on the left, has been one of my biggest supporters from waayy back when.  She's publishing a book in the Fall and is donating $1 from the sale of each book to RSA. 
Sherry Hart & photostylist/author, Annette Joseph

I got to know Helen's mom pretty well during the install and she is such a dear--she's pledged to be a stand-in for my Atlanta mom since my mom is all the way across the country. I swear she must've worked as hard as her daughter in getting her room together...such a sweet lady! (Kari Fisher on L, Helen Harbin Davis on R)  
Gena, my Arc Com rep at ADAC Atlanta, and her hubby Andrew!

 Bob Bruder-Matson, CEO of UMCH

Eddie Ammonds Brumbaugh, Jackson Charles Design Studio

 Angela Blehm
 Tobey Sanders, Ben Collins, Erika Ward & Eddie Ammonds Brumbaugh

 Erika & Tiffini Gatlin, EIC of Atlanta Tastemaker magazine (love this pic of them!)
To everyone who helped with your labor, money, in-kind donation and/or words of support...
thank you,
thank you,

(now make sure you come out to see the cottages in person at the open house this weekend!)



Every year, each Room Service Atlanta project gets bigger and better! 
There's no way I can post all of the final pics here, but here's a quick tour of the incredible work done in 2 cottages (boy's & girl's) by all of the 2013 Participating Designers to benefit the United Methodist Children's Home.
All of this work was done with the help of donations from incredibly generous vendors across the country (both retail and private donors) as well as a good deal of money personally contributed by each designer. Talk about a labor of love!
Scroll down to see all the pics:
 Danny Tovar (West Elm Atlanta's In-Home Designer!)
Jessica Ferguson/Signature Piecez (she MADE the light fixtures AND art)
Erika Ward (RSA co-founder/Erika Ward Interiors) 

Jessica Brummett Warner

Stunning, right??

 I truly consider it such a blessing to be able to provide this service for children & families in need and am SO eternally grateful for all of the designers who consistently partner with Erika & I to make this magic happen. 
Seriously, I can't say thank you enough. 


And just like that, Room Service Atlanta 2013 is done!
This is one of my favorite projects to take on each year because the work we do--  designing spaces for families & children in transition--is so incredibly rewarding. Don't get me wrong, there are still the hiccups in the plans, concerns about logistics and the ever-present budget constraints that accompany every project, but it's so much easier to put that stuff into perspective when you know that you're working for people who have often times, never had a beautifully designed room to call their own. 
This year we were back at the United Methodist Children's Home continuing our work from last Fall. With 2 cottages and over 25 designers, we had double the work but double the fun as well. The finished project is truly incredible and I'm so honored to be a co-founder of such a wonderful organization. 
So here's the skinny on my space:
I selected a room in Williams, the boy's cottage, that originally looked like this:
Blah, blah, blah.
In Williams, each young man gets a private bedroom and lounge space, and then they share a communal bathroom, kitchen and 2 den spaces. Something was calling me to do a bedroom long before this project started, so I ultimately stuck with my gut (and I'm so glad I did!).  I shared some inspiration pics a few weeks ago and knew I wanted to design something relatively masculine, so I dug into my fabric stash and came up with this palette...
I've been holding on to that plaid forever but figured this would be the perfect project to use it and make design magic. In the end, I think I was right...
In crafting my design plan, I knew I wanted to reuse whatever furniture was salvageable from the room and then fill in with other pieces where necessary. I loved the twin bed that was originally in the space but needed to do a daybed since I had so many pillow textiles, so I grabbed a head board from another unused bed and had my painter--who donated his services  for this project--spray the bed as well as the walls. My good friends at Sherwin Williams (Columbia Drive) donated the paint for my room (though Glidden graciously supplied over 85 gallons of paint for all designers in both cottages!!) and after much debate, I decided to go with a deep khaki green for the walls, an ashy olive deep green for the trim & doors, and a basic black for the bed...and I LOVE the way the paint turned out. 
I found this pair of vintage chairs in the UMCH flea market and was able to snag them for free (!!!,) so I had my upholsterer recover the box cushions to match one of the pillow designs.
It was SO hard for me to leave these behind. 
This pair of barrel back cane chairs is incredibly well-made and in perfect condition so of course I wanted them for my stash...but they ended up looking gorgeous in the room once re-done. The Pierce dresser was donated by our amazingly generous Premier sponsors at Mitchell Gold Bob Williams Atlanta (who donated over $20,000 in furniture & lighting to our project this yearand it was the perfect compliment to my other pieces of furniture which included the original nightstands that I left unfinished for a rustic look. 
The fabric for my gorgeous drapery was donated by Award Fabrics here in Atlanta (to the Trade only and SUCH a great resource!) & my drapes and bed pillows were generously fabricated for free by Sew Cozy Interiors (and when I tell you she did an incredible job, I am not pillows were actually lined which is not something I normally do, even for myself!). Underfoot Design & Flooring (my FAVORITE ATL source!) donated my 9x13 Banded Siskiyou rug and MGBW Atlanta donated the pair of red lamps & shades.
The artwork over the bed was my feeble attempt at abstract art (*covers eyes & runs away*), the mirror was brand new & has been in my stash for 8 years along with the Ikea frames and one of the Fiore pendant lights that I originally used in the show house back in January. Those basket weave stools? Mine, too (oh, but I did pay for the gold faux bois wallpaper that's in the frames!).
So now the real question is....what did I spend on this room??
And while I haven't taken a poll, I probably had the most inexpensive makeover of 
the whole group. Because my total out-of-pocket costs only came to about...

Now that's what I call deserving design, delivered. 
**A huge, HUGE thank you to my wonderful donors & sponsors....I couldn't have done it without you!!!!**
(More shots of other transformations tomorrow!!)


It's that time again!!
We're finally wrapping our 2013 charity service project for Room Service Atlanta and Mitchell Gold Bob Williams Atlanta is ready to party down! Please join us next Thursday, June 6 from 5pm-7pm in the MGBW showroom as we unveil our complete redesign project at the United Methodist Children's Home and celebrate work of all of our amazing designers. In a rush? No worries-we'll have valet parking and yummy treats by The Varsity food truck, King of Pops and more!
Please RSVP to:
Can't wait to see you there!


When I feel really good about a project, I like to lay the fabrics out in my office and stare at them all day.
And I feel really good about my Room Service Atlanta bedroom, so I'm doing a lot of staring these days. 
I'm feeling like I want to do a little of this...

I'm going all Jimmy Stanton in that piece. 
Drapery + bedding.

Still working out the furniture details, but I'm feeling like this is a pretty good start!



It feels like we were just doing this a few weeks ago...
but that's probably because we were! 
In an effort to get back on a Spring schedule we're already undertaking our 2013 Room Service Atlanta project. This year we're back at the United Methodist Children's Home but on a much larger scale--due to an overwhelming interest, we're doing 2 cottages instead of 1. Yup, you read that right--double the rooms, double the designers, double the transformations, and even more opportunities to be of service to young adults in need. Last year we tackled the worst space which was Sam Bell, one of the boy's cottages (and it being "the worst" was relatively speaking). This year we're doing both boy AND girl spaces (Williams & Smith, respectively) and everyone's had a chance to pick which gender they'd like to design for. When we decided to do the girl's cottage last year I mentally claimed an apartment for myself because I have tons of fabrics that would work perfectly for a girl's scheme and plus, what designer doesn't love to work magic in a girl's space, especially when you can do whatever you want??  But when it came time to select my room a few weeks ago, I ultimately decided to go with a boy's bedroom, because I think boys rock. And I've never designed a masculine space with zero creative direction.

I am so excited.

So the pictures of my room are above. One of the things I first loved about these UMCH cottages are the architectural details--high ceilings, 6' windows, + thick base & crown mouldings. I spent the weekend pulling e v e r y t h i n g out of my fabric closet and came up with a fabric scheme I love, so I'm pressing forward. There are still so many deets to work out, but at least I know what I'm working with now.

Scout's honor I'll show you this week.

  With an install week of May 12, we've got about 2 months to work our magic and no doubt it will all get done and be just as incredible as our last makeover. And speaking of our last makeover, have you seen our video from the last project? If not, take a minute and check it out...I promise you'll be blown away.