Remember allllll the way back in January when I was a Participating Designer in the 2013 Cathedral Antiques Inspiration House?

Well it's almost one year later and now that the pics were published in the December 2013 issue of Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, I can FINALLY reveal my space to the world (minus those of you Atlanta folk who were able to make the tour)!

  As a refresher, here was my conceptual rendering for the space:

And here's what my vision looked like when it came to life:

My inspiration was simple--I knew I wanted to go with a look that would be extremely bold for the size of the space (my motto for a show house? Go BIG!) yet still feel sophisticated and modern (read: dark & moody with clean lines). Essentially, I wanted it to be me but times 1,000 (lol). With respect to my concept, the finished space hit the nail on the head with what I wanted/hoped to see and am SO happy how the space turned out. The bold color was much more chartreuse than yellow (daggone pics!), but I love the way the images capture the look and feel of the overall space.

Here's a look at the back hallway/entry to the upstairs apartment BEFORE I created my magic:

Talk about visual drama. 
It's been almost a year since the 2013 Cathedral Antiques Inspiration House debuted and as I look back, I still don't think there's too much I would do differently given the same resources (and that's saying a lot from me, someone who ALWAYS leaves a job thinking about where I can improve)--I loved this space!

If you're new to my blog, you can catch up on this series by reading the posts I wrote before, during and after my show house experience. Click here for Part I (my leap of faith and how I got started), here  for Part IIhere  for Part III, here for Part IV, and here for Part V (and my tips and tricks for those of you wanting to participate in a show house).

So now that you've seen the big reveal I have to ask...was it all you imagined??