Mentioned in House & Home Magazine!


House & Home is one of my favorite shelter mags. I could've swore it used to be called Canadian House & Home, which is how I often refer to it, but it seems like there's been a change over the last year. I can tell you that while the name may have changed, the quality of the mag has not. A subscription isn't cheap (for us US-based folk, it's about $55/year), but it's a must-have in my book. Getting that magazine in the mail is always a highlight of my month, because you always get juicy images like these:

                                 Photo: Robin Stubbert

                                                Design: Kelly Deck      Photo: Janis Nicolay                

                                              Design: Timothy Mather        Photo: Ted Yarwood

So imagine my surprise when I got a tweet saying that my tip for budget decorating was featured in one of their articles--so excited!
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