I think my ego was a little bruised from my last Scott's experience. You remember, the one where I set up my booth but nothing sold?? In the big scheme of things, I was happy that I took the step to open my little booth and could check a biz goal off my list but truthfully, I was a bit sad I put all that work into it for naught. I took a trip to Scott's yesterday right before closing and realized I hadn't been there since I had my booth last February! Don't know how I let so much time pass. I didn't find what I was looking for (chandelier for a client's office), but I did stumble on a few good pieces...

 Lucite barstools. Love these for a kitchen.
Huge, round, antique table with drawers on the perimeter. Very traditional, but I love it.
$500 for this set, so $100/piece. Definitely not a bad price...all it needs is some new cushions (or not, depending  your look). With dark (or white) wood floors underneath, could be fabulous.

Loved the detail in these dining chairs. Kinda Art Deco-ish.

Detail & color? Yes, sir. 

Really, really love these. Super traditional, but I love the smoky lavender velvet seats. I want to pair them with an antique mahogany table that's been lacquered in Ebony and a vintage brass chandelier with crystals to top the furniture off. (Uh oh, someone's just got a great idea for a dining room!!)
 My first time seeing this seller. I love this kinda stuff & it made me think of the pillows I sourced for my client's family room E-design.

 That one on top is my fave.
And this one, too.
LOVE this pair of brass lamps. LOVE.

And this bed!! Very trad, but I see it in front of a large scale, graphic print wallpaper and 2 mirrored nightstands on each side. 
Good stuff. Will be back next month!

I'm Doing It!


I want all of you local peeps to come out to meet me at Scott Antique Market next week, because it's now official--I'll have my very own little booth in the South building!!!  And while this new venture of mine is exhilarating and frightening and fail proof and risky (I'll explain these contradictions later), I've been getting a lot of emails lately about design services and requests for special vintage items, so I figured the time was finally right. I'm excited to fly my own flag.

You can find me here!!

The official dates for the shindig are February 11-13, and you'll see my pretty little mug there everyday. So please come out and join me--you don't want me sitting there by myself all day now, do you??