Thanks to those of you who've already taken my survey! 
Even from the initial responses I've received, it's clear that you all want to see more of mi casa--my house, my crib, my spot and the place where I work my magic/lay my head. So I'm obliging starting today and everything that has to do with my place will from here on out be a part of my House Chronicles. So when you see House Chronicles in the title, you know what time it is. 
So...let's jump back to July when I first mentioned wallpapering my Dining Room. After reading the comments from my readers and watching more than a few wallpapering videos on YouTube, I decided that the best thing to do would be to call in a pro, as (1) I'm not (yet) known for my patience and (2) the paper I selected was discontinued and I'd already purchased all that remained. 
Lack of patience + Limited product supply= Recipe for disaster. 
But I'll back up just a bit. I bought my home in 2006 and it's gone through a few transitions, though nothing has really been 100% completed in the 6 years I've called it home (it feels really ridiculous to type that but it's the truth). Here's what it looked like when I first moved in:
 Beautiful peach paint, sumptuous carpeting & high end window blinds. 
Very unique & expensive chandelier. 
And then shortly after move-in, when I did a slight remix:
Which leads us to today. 
I'm a perfectionist and want everything to be perfect & amazing. Totally unrealistic, I know, but I am getting better and a big part of that was/is forcing myself to make some design decisions and stick to them (we'll revisit my issue with these chairs soon). So up went the DR wallpaper...except that the person I had install the paper wasn't a master at handling patterns, so halfway around the wall it got uneven, wonky and totally off. There was just no faking it, it was all the way bad. So if you follow me on Instagram, there was a reason you only saw a this snippet a few months ago...homeboy hung the sh*t wrong. 
Fast forward to a few weeks ago (speeding up this story to be considerate of your time) and I finally had MY guy out to re-hang the wallpaper--the guy I use for all of my client projects who totally rocks, BTW. So now, I get to look at this everyday....

And I'm thrilled, even with a small to-do list that includes:
-refinishing/reupholstering chairs (black w/ black patent leather + nailhead trim!!!)
-painting below chair rail (99.998% sure I'm going with white)
-adding drapery (nothing fancy--Ikea Ritva--but they will be perf)
-possibly doing something about the finish on that table...maybe.

So although it's not done, it makes me delightfully happy and now you, my friend, know where I break bread.


This should give you a good idea about the pretty big project I intend to tackle next week. I'm still debating about whether it's really smart for me to install it myself or not, so if you have any tips or tricks for hanging wallpaper, please share! Grasscloth might be a bit easier, but this is what I'm going with..

...and while I'm dying of joy, I have to admit, the pattern's got me a bit nervous. Wish me luck!


Last week I decided to pair this Cole & Son wallpaper with a recently purchased vintage sputnik chandelier to give my entryway a much needed pop. I was excited and totally jumping in with both feet...then Meredith Heron's entryway caught my eye (in this HGTV Canada article) and I couldn't decide which I loved more. 
So I think I'd like your opinion. Wanna weigh in??