I have a pretty good stash of table napkins, vintage candle holders and an assorted mix of new & vintage dishware that I'm finally throwing together to give you some inspiration to create your own eye-catching tablescape. 
I LOVE a beautiful, thoughtfully designed table, especially one that incorporates vintage pieces and a mix & match aesthetic. I decided to create this post after coming across my "new"  flatware which is recent thrift store find...and only $18! It's from S.Samran Thailand Co. and has teak handles, curvy knife blades and well-patinaed BRONZE prongs/bowls/blades. Yes, bronze. It's not too often that you find bronzeware, so I feel like the thrifting gods were shining down on me this week...score.

Here's how I pulled this together:

Eggplant Charger: Z Gallerie
Large Black-rimmed Dinner plate: Thrifted
Small Scalloped Gold Salad plate: Thrifted
Black & White Geometric Dinner Napkin: Dwell Studio for Target
Peacock Feather napkin ring: World Market
Tablecloth: Waverly, Seeing Spots
Vintage Bronze Flatware: Thrifted
Vintage brass candlestick holders: Thrifted
This is only one place setting, but it gives you a visual idea on how to mix & match pieces to create a well-curated & high-end table design with some inexpensive items. I don't generally set a table (to this degree) for guests, but throwing this number together definitely made me want to start.

So tell me about your entertaining strategies--do you go all-out to set the table for your guests or is the food service good enough?? 


Greetings from sunny California! 
The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here (and even a cold compared to ATL weather) and even though I'm here working, it's been great to be back home. This time I'm back for 2 reasons--(1) to see my 9 month preggo BFF who is due to give birth in about 2 weeks (soooooo excited!!), and also to help clean out and pack up my grandma's home as she prepares to move-in with my mom. And even though I've been super busy, I found time to do a bit of thrift store shopping and hit the MF jackpot  at a thrift store I've long known of (but never set foot in because it always looked like trash from the street). Just another reason not to prejudge. I've never found anything worth shouting about while thrifting back home...until now. This little hole-in-the-wall store got my heart beating fast and my palms all sweaty, and for a moment I thought I was back in Atlanta. 

Wish I would've taken this pic at eye-level because the iPhone did not accurately convey the sheer fabulousness of this pair of brass lamps. I don't know how else to describe them, so I'll just say brass lamps, but imagine me saying it all breathy-like. OMG....and the price was stupid too!

If you don't hear anything right now, it's because you're actually hearing the sound of me not breathing over this pair of vintage campaign chests in pretty d-good condition. 3 drawers each, all drawers work perfectly + all hardware is accounted for. $100 FOR. THE. PAIR. (normally this is a little steep for my frugal self, but these chests can be very hard to find so I'd make an exception in this case). Did I also mention they are solid wood (imagine me jumping up and down)??!! Yup. They also make me think of these except, dare I say, the 3rd drawer makes them slightly better (and no diss to Emily because I love her!).

Gorg! Pair of cane-back Louis XV chair (or French chairs for those of you here from Google!) with rust-colored velvet seats (in excellent condition) AND nail head detailing. Caning is in excellent condition. Don't remember how much these are, but they're basically a song and a dance. 

Hello breakfast nook!
I spotted this set of 4 French arm chairs and immediately thought of a sweet little breakfast nook with a round dining table featuring these chairs refinished/reupholstered, and some really amazing bold graphic wallpaper to really set the room on fire.  Or something eclectic, chic, & beautiful like this:
Maybe I should go back and get those...?? 

LOVED this mirror. It's generally a bit ornate for my taste, but I could totally see it in lieu of a headboard in a bedroom or anchoring the most perfect dressing table. $160, and totally worth it because when will I find something like this again!!??

And this sweet baby mirror that I bought for my BFF's sister. She's making her old desk into a makeup table and needed a special mirror and this totally fit the bill. I loved the detailed carving and even the as-is ochre-ish color...and it didn't hurt that it was only $15. 
So in addition to everything else I have to pack & ship, I'm having to make last minute decisions today because I'm headed to Washington tomorrow! Wish me clarity and good decision-making...I'll share what I decided on next week. Oh! And before I go, I got something pretty special back from the upholsterer's last week. I even used it for a photo shoot already!!
Just wait until you see it...


Two great things happened this weekend. The first is that I picked up all of these great pieces of furniture.

Faux bamboo dining table with 2 leaves. I ended up selling my black pedestal table AND chairs from my eat-in kitchen (not the Bentwood ones) on Craigslist this weekend & plan on refinishing this one to take its place. I love the versatility the leaves provide--perfect for those times when I have extra company!

Not your run-of-the-mill Ginger Jar lamps, this is a large scaled pair with brass bases for a distinctly Asian flair. Will look amazing once sprayed.
This faux bamboo buffet looks like it may have been a mate to the table and has great storage behind the doors. It's solid, heavy, and I actually like the hardware (if you didn't get the hint, I'm obsessed with faux bamboo!). Might use it as a buffet, might not. 
A classic, easy to refinish piece that I plan on using as a TV console in my living room. The inlay makes me excited. 
And I found these things for my sister's place: 
Rolled arm bench
A pair of American by Martensville mid-century nightstands/end tables for her living room. 

Clearly I've been busy.

The second great thing that happened is that I finally got my air condition repaired after being broken for about 4 weeks. All of you Atlanta folks know that we've been in a bit of a heat wave, so you can imagine what it's been like for me over here. About 3 weeks in I had myself psyched out that it wasnt' that bad, but I sure am thankful that it's back working now. I'm finally in the mood to start painting, so I'm looking forward to getting some of these projects knocked out over the coming weeks.

Who else found some treasures over the weekend??

The Dresser I'm Dying Over

This one definitely ranks in my top 10! I'm dying over my newest find, this vintage Baker dresser that's the perfect combination of Modern & Asian.

I fell in love with this dresser for 2 reasons: (1) those lines & fabulous feet and, (2) the original (heavy) brass hardware.  I don't think it would even come close to looking the same without this hardware--there's really not much to it, but in its classically chic shape, it's just enough. The dresser reminds me a bit of what this Jonathan Adler dresser...
and this 1st Dibs find...
would look like if they had a baby. The dresser looks like it's wrapped or embossed with some sort of finish, but I'm not quite sure what to call it. If any of you know what it is, please drop me a line because I've never before run across anything like it! I did a bit of research and found this coffee table from Pieces that looks like it's from the same line because of that rare (embossed??) finish.
I'm desperately in need of dresser for my bedroom so the plan, at least for now, is to use this piece for storage and as a console for my tv. My goal is to design it using 90% vintage/secondhand finds and slowly but surely, my plan is coming together.  So excited about this score.


Room Service Atlanta: Using Thrifted Furniture

As promised, here's a peek at 3 pieces of furniture I'm refinishing for my RSA room at Nicholas House. As with most of the bedrooms, my room is super short on storage, so I searched for a solid & sturdy 9 drawer dresser to replace the tiny 5 drawer one they previously had. I found this on Craigslist for $40...

Aren't the lines amazing?? Very modern and very solid. The only downside is that it's very heavy, even without the drawers in, so getting it up the 2 flights of stairs is going to be quite the challenge. I also found these great faux bamboo (which you know I love!) headboards for only $16 at Goodwill this weekend, one of which will be attached to the adult bed (which is a twin) in the room.  Total steal.  I actually got 2 headboards  (and no footboard) but at only $8 a piece, I'm not complaining!

Last is this desk that I've had in my garage forever. I love it & wanted to use it for something really special, but I've had it for over 2 years now and haven't done a thing to it. I know that the families that use my room will really make good use of it, so I'm donating it to the cause. The desk is also a Goodwill find that only set me back $22! Even though I'd already removed the hardware for prep when I took this photo, I love it's vintage style and will be keeping it (in it's original state) to reuse.

I was initially a bit concerned that the styles of furniture don't all go together, but after a coat of glossy white paint, I expect that everything will look great once it's in place in the room. Next week I'll be back to give you a full before & after and share some of my refinishing tips.
Wish us luck for Day 2!


Thrift Store Art


This piece of art is the centerpiece of my yet to be finished living room. It's huge and interesting in a way that's almost ugly, but still beautiful at the same time. I love the colors and the fact that the frame is kind of knocked around along the edges. The beauty of thrift store art is that it's almost always a delicate balance of ugly & beautiful, something that's unique but gives you pause as to whether you can really pull it off or not. My 40"x60.5" piece was only $10--now that's what I call some pretty fly unique & original art!


Found:Vintage 70's Dining Set

Alright, I actually need your help here. I found this great set in January and I fell in love with it because of its modern base & large tabletop.  Even though the table itself isn't that high, I think it'll be perfectly suited to outdoor entertaining after a coat or two of automotive paint.  I want to say it's based on a well-known design, but I'm not quite sure... any thoughts??


Too Much Of A Good Thing?


Last weekend Erika stopped by my house for a last minute Room Service planning session.  At the end of the grand tour (and after seeing my garage which is packed to the brim), she turned to me and said--"You have no excuse. You have so much stuff, your house should be finished by now."

                                             Kelly Wearstler's 10,00 sq. ft furniture warehouse via So Haute

And that's probably true. But like I told her, as someone who is always scouting thrift stores and flea markets for buried treasure, it's hard to commit to something when you know your next great find is only days away.  As I've said times over, I only buy things that I really love, so every piece is special and waiting for the perfect place to shine in its full glory.  My goal is to have a home that's at least 80% filled with secondhand items, since reusing is something I firmly believe in. I'm not against buying retail (especially for special accent pieces), but there's nothing like finding an old vintage throwaway with great bones and making it my own.  Case in point? Lamps. I am quickly becoming a vintage lamp hoarder. I'm always buying lamps (even though I already have a solid stash) because there's something about a vintage lamp I just can't turn away from.  Check my latest finds:

I got a pair of each, purchased for 50% off. The 60s lamps with the wooden necks are in great condition, and the white and silver lamps are super sleek and modern. I'm already using some ceramic egg lamps in my bedroom, but I'm now debating about switching those out for these white ones. See what I mean? It's hard to commit! And then there's the bamboo chairs I bought on Craigslist last year (for a ridiculous price):

When I found them, I swore the search for my dining room chairs was over. I bought the paint to refinish them and ordered the bolt of fabric to recover them, but I've since seen others I love and am now wondering if I should really commit to these. How can I ever finish anything with this anxiety on my mind?? This, of course, got me to thinking--can you really have too much of a good thing? And before you jump on the bandwagon, let me just say that I know I can't be the only one with this problem. My garage is FULL of fabulous finds but I can't bring myself to seal the deal, because I know something even more amazing is right on my horizon.
Anyhow, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Weigh in below and tell me if I'm just passionate or plain ol' crazy....