I really love a good year in review post. 
Yes, part of the purpose is to document my work and progression as a business owner but honestly, 75% of my purpose in writing them is really for my own benefit--so that I can look back on this time in the years to come and remember all that was happening in my life & follow the journey on how I became who I am and how my business became what it is. If I don't document my life in increments, it's so easy to forget about the allllllll of little things I did once too much time has passed by, so these posts serve as snapshots of my year. And they act as a reminder that sustainable change doesn't take place in one giant leap but in the all of little "ah-ha's" that unfold over a thousand little steps. The things that don't seem like they're changing you in the moment but years later, you can see so clearly how all of those little shifts became a 180 degree arc. 
So 2014.
It was a really, really good year for me, both personally and professionally. 
When trying to think of a word that could encapsulate the year, the first one that popped into my head was "expansion". I would've preferred something sexier...but they say the first thought is probably the truest one, so that's what I'm going with. And I guess expansion really does fit the bill because in all ways, my life became more last year. 
A brief run-down of my year:
-celebrated my 35th birthday with the most perfect dinner party

-started working with Flynnside Out Productions as a Project Designer

-Spent the entirety of my summer working on HGTV.com's Holiday House 2014
-FINALLY reupholstered my dining chairs

-Styled a kick-ass faux dinner party

Tomas Espinosa

-Featured presenter at the 2014 Haven Conference

-Spent some long overdue & much needed time with my best friends in California. 
-Took the most perfect vacation in NYC after the RMDH project.

-Went to a broadway show with my best friend which may not sound like a big thing...but it was
-Recognized on HGTV.com's Front Door as one of Atlanta's best Interior Designers
-Became a (god) mom when my BFF from Spelman had a (very cute) baby boy!

-Redesigned a beautiful dining room for wonderful, color-loving clients who let me paint their trim & moulding robins egg blue!

-Got braces!!
-Finally wallpapered my laundry room. It's bold & I love it.

-Tried my hand at dating online & IRL. It's an interesting world out here for sure. Still trying. 

-Presented a "hail mary" pattern palette for a client's bedroom--she loved it and had me design her living room, too.

-Ended a business partnership. 
-Featured in a fantastic article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution
-Finally spent some time working on my own home & striped my entryway...in my favorite color combo, of course ;-)

-Faced a major health scare (All clear, thank God! See Instagram for details)
-Designed/Produced my first ever video project for FSO.
-Met & had a chance to work with some fantastic people

-Hosted a very fun Paleo Thanksgiving party
-Celebrated 4 years in business (here & here)
-An INCREDIBLE 8 page spread featuring my home & design philosophy in a national mag

I keep looking over this list thinking about more things I could add, but even with the small snapshot I've shared...this was indicative. 2014 was a good year.

Here's what I learned:

-Less How?? and more DO. Things have a way of lining up looooong before I can ever see that they are.
-Permission is not required. Period.
-My intuition will always be the truth, whether I receive it in the moment or not (& it will find me). It's like a radio tuned a static-y station on a low volume in my downstairs bathroom with the door closed (I like to think I have supersonic hearing). It's not "in your face", but it's a low hum that only I can hear, and intentionally choosing to ignore it will not make it stop humming. Point taken.
-Your tribe is out there--find the people who want to be on your team and roll with you & whatever it is you represent. I went out a few times with someone who liked to refer to my personality as "extra". Is it true? I guess that would depend on what your definition is. But my point is this--when he said it, it wasn't intended as a compliment. Whet??? And you call yourself trying to date me?? Umm...no, thank you! Girl, bye.
-Just say yes. A life of "expansion" requires facing my fears constantly & saying yes to things before I can get the details worked out in my mind. What's makes me expand is to acknowledge what I'm afraid of, then move towards that because occasionally my mental supersonic hearing is off and what sounds like an African lion is actually just a tabby cat.  *sigh*
-Come hell or high water, don't be without health insurance. Nothing is more important than my health & health insurance is NEVER more expensive than 8 weeks of lab tests, doctor visits & biopsies.
And most importantly,
-I am the author & architect therefore, it will be whatever I say it will be (now THAT'S powerful).

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday & a great New Year!!